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One day, I came back to my tiny apartment after a long day. It was a silent night and I was exhausted. I picked up my phone, looked for some to call, but I had no one to talk while I surely did have a lot of people on my contact list.

So I started to download apps to talk with someone, fulfill my emptiness. But apps asked me a bunch of information including my look, career and even educational background. And that made me feel even bad. All I wanted was a nice conversation.

That's when I came up with the idea, and was the start of Maum. Members who had same thoughts gathered one by one, and now we are a team of 15 members who wish to build a warm place for conversation.

How about you? Do you feel exhauted or heavy sometimes? If you have felt how I felt, you're at the right place. Welcome! You will feel much better as you share your story at Maum.

Hope you can join and build Maum a warmer place where it's full of pleasant conversations :)

February 2, 2021 Sincerely yours Sean, Team Maum